Serving Industry Leaders

FirstWave customers cover a broad range of industries including technology, software, marketing, manufacturing, financial services, business services, and healthcare.

What they have in common is a business-critical need for the dependable B2B email lead generation programs, campaign management, sales lead management, and customer retention solutions.

We meet these needs with innovative technology and services as well as marketing thought leadership.

Our customers count on us to offer the best, most thorough Internet marketing, sales lead, and customer management solutions available today.

And they know we won't be satisfied until they are.

At FirstWave, we deliver results.

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Industry Case Studies


The customer's campaigns averaged a 47% open rate and a better than 4% response rate.


Dramatically shortened the client's sales cycle and delivered a substantial ROI.


By appending the email data to the contracts within files, the customer significantly increased its prospect universe.

Marketing Services

The customer experienced email open rates of more than 45% with a response rate of nearly 3.5%.


Three new markets were identified including sales, marketing and human resource executives.


Customer reported a significant return on investment through web traffic, email replies, and increased customer service inquiries.